The decision to adopt the digital open standards-based P25 platform offers Public Safety agencies many benefits, but it also raises a lot of questions. There are many common questions – and there a lot of agencies who have already tackled them, who are happy to share their experiences.

Tait is sponsoring an on-going project, to discuss these topics and put forward some answers.

Over a series of intensive round-table sessions, our participants discussed their own experiences and challenges, generously sharing their frustrations and triumphs. Together with Tait expert advice, these guides include their many valuable insights, based on their hands-on experience working through typical P25 project challenges.

Who should read these guides? If you are a Public Safety official who is responsible for, or involved in, procuring a new communication system, this guide (and the others in the series) is written for you. You may be new to the position, or focused on other disciplines, such as IT. Or you may be new to P25. We assume that you have an understanding of Land Mobile Radio, but not necessarily in-depth knowledge.

We also assume that your interest is pragmatic; you want to make sure you procure and/or manage your radio system to meet the needs of your first responders and public service providers in a fiscally-responsible way. Becoming an expert on all related topics is not your objective.

We hope these guides will benefit you and your wider Public Safety Communications community by presenting you with a range of P25 topics so you can more effectively engage in the process.

Meet the Delegates:

Darek WieczorekDarek Wieczorek: Darek is the Senior Director for the Global Services Team at Tait Communications. During the three round-table events, Darek moderated the discussions between the different delegates. He then gathered all of the intelligence and used the insights as a foundation for authoring the P25 Best Practice Guides. His insight and expertise into P25 shows, and these guides would not be possible without him.

If you would like to meet the other delegates who attended our round-table, you can do so by clicking on any of the events below:




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