Project Close-out

Project close out has several different aspects. Not all of them will necessarily apply to your situation.

Project documentation
Make sure you have complete project documentation in one convenient and secure location – everything from the proposal, contract with its attachments, SDR documentation, all applicable permits and licenses, results of all of the tests, training records, as-built drawings and post implementation procedures including any warranty and post-warranty agreements.

Grants and funding requirements
Did you use any grants to build your new system? Verify that you have met all of their requirements and submitted all of the documentation.

Maintenance handover
Maintenance and repair services are likely to be provided by different people than the ones who installed and optimized the system. Make sure that a formal handover takes place and that the maintenance party has a solid understanding of the system and of its contractual obligations.

Support for users
Do not stop communicating with, and supporting your users, especially if your technology change was significant. Continue to offer additional internal user training sessions for as long as needed.

When is the project closed? It is never finished until the next one is rolled out because technology keeps rolling faster and faster.

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