Distributing your RFP

Most government entities rely on their own websites for distribution of procurement documents. There are several on-line service providers that scan local government
websites daily for new opportunities then notify their subscribers. Most qualified vendors subscribe to these services, so publishing your RFP on your city/county/state website is entirely adequate.

However, you can also ensure that all qualified vendors are aware of your opportunity, by contacting them directly, or ask your consultant to do it for you. Your peers are a good source of information about suppliers of P25 equipment.
Another source is Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG).

Response time
Allow your vendors enough time to respond to the RFP. You want to make sure the proposals are of high quality – that takes time. Be aware also that a very short response time is often interpreted by vendors as a sign of bias towards the incumbent supplier and may persuade potential bidders to abstain.

In short, anything less than 30 days for even the simplest projects is unadvisable. Depending on the complexity of the project, 60-120 days is recommended in most cases.

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