Compliance and Interoperability

There are several traps when considering mandatory features, standard options and vendor proprietary options.

First, the desire to include too many features may result in prohibitive price tag. In organizations that are conscious of budgetary restrictions, functional needs
should be prioritized so that the final wish-list reflects the actual needs of your agency, rather than personalities or bargaining power of stakeholders. A consultant can play an invaluable role here too, as an external objective expert.

It is critical that you consider interoperability when selecting features and functions. Fortunately, the P25 Compliance Assessment Program provides some standardized testing between different manufacturers’ products. Products that offer Suppler Declaration of Compliance have been tested and proven to interoperate with competitor products listed.

P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP)

  • US Government-sponsored program (see
  • Process for ensuring equipment complies
  • Series of controlled tests
  • Vendors test each other’s equipment
  • CAP testing results are published on
  • Supplier Declaration of Compliance (SDoC) issued to complying products.
  • SSI/CSSI Equipment CAP Testing is in progress

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