Finalizing Technical and Project Specifications


  • Technical
  • Logistics
  • Project

  • Commercial
  • Legal

Producing a successful RFP/RFB requires a high level of expertise and experience in technical, logistical, commercial and legal areas. Again, the experience of a consultant is invaluable here. A consultant can overlay your specific requirements with her/his standard procurement document templates to cover the first two topics (technical and logistical). They will then merge it with your organization’s standard procurement documents, covering the commercial and legal requirements in a way that is tried and tested.

The final documents should be carefully and critically reviewed by an internal RFP review team, to ensure that all contents are relevant, reflect your organization’s needs and do not contain any errors.

Technical specifications for P25 systems are typically extensive documents – often more than 200 pages – and they are often used as templates for new projects. This can sometimes transfer errors and inapplicable requirements from previous documents so thorough proofreading and editing is essential.

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