Preliminary system design

System architecture, functional requirements and some of the implementation requirements can now be integrated into preliminary system design. By now you should be able to define:

  • Technology (P25 conventional or trunked, Phase 1 or Phase 2),
  • System architecture (single site, Simulcast, Multicast, hybrid),
  • RF sites; existing or new (green), number and locations,
  • Channels per site – approximate number,
  • Consoles and auxiliary equipment (logging recorders) – numbers and location,
  • Dispatch equipment functionality,
  • Backhaul network architecture, approximate capacity and functionality,
  • Interoperability needs – participating organizations, their technologies and your desired level of integration,
  • Subscriber equipment – approximate quantities and functionalities,
  • Administrative (system management) desired features and functionality,
  • Diagnostic and maintenance features.
  • Security requirements and equipment

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