ISSI: myths, reality and predictions

The Promise? Fantastic!
In the future you will be able to roam seamlessly between P25 systems from different vendors, gaining automatic access to other systems’ resources while maintaining
connection with your home system.

The Reality? Not here yet.
Unfortunately, this solution has not yet been deployed as of late Summer 2013. Currently, there are very few commercial ISSI deployments and their functionality is severely limited; specifically, requiring manual roaming, while providing reduced functionality for both the host system and the home system.

The Prediction? It is a matter of when rather than if.
The standards are well defined and market demand is strong, but successful deployment requires significant resources and good cooperation between competitors.

The Best Practice Recommendation?
Use simple and inexpensive solutions while waiting for ISSI to deliver. Ask your vendor to commit to future ISSI solutions. Make sure they provide detailed, binding information about their development, pricing and implementation plans.

Consider also your interoperability with non-LMR voice systems. This is the right time to consider your current – and future – connections to PSTN, cellular systems, private and public wireline and wireless data systems, public internet, alarm systems, etc.

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